May 18, 2017

Meet Captain Clayton Joyce

At Greenhead Lobster, care goes into every Maine lobster we sell. Our fleet of local independent lobstermen and women have been working the cold, clean, lobster-rich waters of the Penobscot Bay for generations. Each day, they work hard to deliver the finest, freshest lobster to our docks in Stonington, Maine.

Without our dedicated fishermen—who are willing to face the sometimes brutal weather and trying seas of the Atlantic to secure first-class lobster— you would not be able to order live Maine lobster online. As such, we wanted to take the time to highlight our Captains with something we like to call Fishermen Fridays. Up first, a familiar name here on the island, Clayton Joyce.

Clayton Joyce: Maine Lobsterman

Clayton started commercial fishing on his own back in 1960, and he’s never looked back. He feels grateful to be able to work on the water, and loves what he does for a living. In the 80s, Clayton dragged for scallops, but now, he’s exclusively a lobsterman.

If you ask the locals about Clayton Joyce, you will hear all about what a genuine, stand-up guy he is, and that he is rarely seen without a smile. This reputation applies to Clayton on and off the boat; he really cares about his work. You can see how much he cares by how clean he keeps his boat!

Clayton’s fishing vessel is a 35’ Duffy called Norene Gail, named after his late wife. Keeping this vessel spotless is his trusty sternman, Eric Bubar, who has been by his side for three years. Clayton and Eric work tirelessly, day after day, in the Eastern Bay, with a positive attitude. If any complaints about the job should ever come their way, Clayton simply replies, “Well, it’s what we do.”

Every day, Clayton and our fleet of independent fishermen and women hit the docks to make sure that when you order live Maine lobster online you are receiving only the finest. Our premium Maine lobster is ideal for special occasions or for a memorable meal with your family and friends. To learn more about how to order Maine lobster online, contact us now. It is only with Greenhead Lobster and lobstermen like Clayton Joyce that you can experience “the way lobster should be.”