July 13, 2017

Meet Pam Wendell & Dwayne Eaton

A lot has changed over the years at Greenhead Lobster, but a handful of employees have remained constant. These employees have helped maintain company values as the business has shifted and grown. Expect more Employee Shout-Outs on our blog over time. Ringing in at 18 years of Greenhead Lobster employment, we have Pam Wendell and Dwayne Eaton.

Hired in May of 1998, Dwayne has taken some time away from Greenhead for other work: lobstering, landscaping, or working the lifts up at Sunday River, but alas, he returned to Greenhead Lobster. He enjoys the work because it keeps him busy enough, and holds his attention. While certainly the job can be repetitive, each day brings something different. Getting to handle some of the most beautiful live Maine lobsters isn’t a bad perk of the job either!

Dwayne has made his way South for numerous international trips. He especially loves visiting Patagonia where he loves to hike, soak up the mountain air and take photographs. Photography has become incorporated into Dwaynes job at Greenhead Lobster as well. Many of our beautiful photos on the website and on social media are thanks to Dwayne! When he was hired, he would fix wooden crates, or do whatever really needed to be done. Many aspects of his job have changed over the years, but one colleague has remained consistent over time.

Pam began working at Greenhead Lobster in June of 1999, and has been with the company ever since. Like Dwayne, when Hugh Reynolds hired her, she really did any task that needed doing: wooden crate repair, baiting up boats, buying from boats, grading lobsters, as well as various office work. According to Dwayne, “Pam’s awesome. And she’s the best hoist operator.” When she’s not at Greenhead, Pam enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, camping and visiting in-laws in Georgia.

Before Pam worked for Greenhead, she fished for her grandfather, and they were among the first boats to sell to Hugh when he was getting started back in 1997. She never expected to work at Greenhead this long, but she has loved to see the business grow, and has been integral in its success. “Hugh’s been a good person to work for” Pam reflected.

Greenhead is lucky to have such dedicated employees. A big thank you to Pam and Dwayne for 18 years with Greenhead Lobster! Your years of employment have helped grow this business, and get Stonington and our beautiful Maine lobsters on the map. Thank you!